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Urological health is of utmost importance to biological males. Thankfully, the urology centers that we enlist are of the best quality and we will make sure you receive the optimal urological treatment you can get in Turkey. Receiving urological treatment and savoring the beautiful country of Turkey has never been easier before. It is safe to say that urology treatment in Turkey is far cheaper compared to its counterparts, besides, you can enjoy a stress-free vacation whilst you get your treatment done.

Urology Treatments You Can Receive in Turkey are:

Vasectomy Treatment in Turkey

Vasectomy is a fairly easy surgical operation that patients might request to stop the reproductional capacities of a male’s sperm. The procedure is carried out by disconnecting or ensealing the tubes that carry the sperm. This way, the patient can still have sexual intercourse in a normal way without the risk of impregnation. The operation is also called male sterilization and is the safest way of birth control for males. The procedure is a short one and it does not last more than 15-20 minutes. Vasectomy is done with local anesthesia and the patient doesn’t feel any pain during and after the operation. It is suggested by the professionals that the patient should rest for at least 24 hours without any major physical activity. The patient should also avoid sexual intercourse for at least a week.

Vasectomy Reversal Treatment in Turkey

Vasectomy reversal surgery is aimed to undo the process made by the initial vasectomy operation. The sealed tube is opened to let the patient’s sperm mix with the semen so that the proliferative capacity could be back to the way it was. This surgical operation is also an easy one carried out yet again by local anesthesia and takes no more than 20 minutes.

Cystoscopy in Turkey

Cystoscopy procedure is an examination procedure that lets the doctor analyze the situation in the patient’s excretory system. It is focused on the tube that carries the urethra out of the patient’s body and the layout of your bladder. Cystoscopy only lasts for a few minutes and is a quick and easy procedure.

Prostate Procedures and Prostate Surgery in Turkey

Prostate procedures and surgical operations consist of a few major topics. The TURP process, also called transurethral resection of the prostate, radical prostatectomy, and pelvic lymphadenectomy. TURP is a procedure aimed at relieving the urethral flow that gets clogged by prosthetic growth. The operation does not cure cancer and it’s carried out with general anesthesia. The procedure however may have its downsides and consultation before the procedure is a must. Radical prostatectomy is however an operation aimed at curing prostate cancer. The procedure usually is successful with men who are in good health in general besides prostate cancer and in cases when the cancer is only limited to the prostate. The prostate is removed in order to prevent the further spread of cancer. Pelvic lymphadenectomy is a critical part of the patient’s entire treatment process. The surgeons carry out this operation to check whether a radical prostatectomy could or could not be implemented. The doctors check the pelvis and collect samples for examination. This determines how far cancer might have spread. If cancerous cells are detected in the pelvis, the option of radical prostatectomy is ruled out and other forms of treatments might be suggested.

Ureteroscopy Procedure in Turkey

A ureteroscopy procedure is done to cure kidney stones. Kidney stone disorder is a painful issue for men. Luckily, ureteroscopy helps doctors to diagnose where the stone is located and remove it completely, with the help of a minor telescopic device. It usually takes one to three hours for the operation to be completed. You might feel some unrest during the initial 24 hours after the procedure. From then on, the recovery is fairly quick and easy.

Lithotripsy Operation in Turkey

The lithotripsy procedure is also focused on curing kidney stones. The operation’s methods are far different than those of the ureteroscopy though and involve the use of shock waves that help break the stones into smaller bits that the patient can easily get rid of via urination.

Orchiopexy in Turkey

Orchiopexy is a procedure that cures testicular torsion and helps cure the case of undescended testis. The operation is a minor one and does not require the patient to stay in the hospital overnight. An undescended testicle is a disorder that should be detected and cured during male infancy or when the patient is 18 years old at the very latest.

Penile Plication in Turkey

Penile plication is done to solve the issue of penile curvature which could be an aesthetical concern or might prevent the patient from having sexual intercourse. The process is done by straightening the penis with excisions on the sides of the organ and tightening with several seams.

Penile Implants and Penile Prosthesis in Turkey

Penile implants are applied to cure erectile dysfunction which affects a lot of men around the world. It is a solution that could last between 15-20 years and even though is not a permanent solution, it helps men carry out their ordinary sexual life in a healthy way.

Male Circumcision in Turkey

Male circumcision might be preferred by parents for their children or men who wish to get their foreskin removed. The procedure is a quick and easy one. Male circumcision operation is done with local anesthesia and recovery takes about a week in total.