If you want to get health service from Turkey as a tourist, you are at the right places.

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Who We Are

Health Tourism Montenegro is a startup that will serve as a full-service medical tourism. It will focus on helping patients receive cosmetic and non-elective surgery through relationships with world-class medical facilities in Turkey. We will offer standard and professional medical related travel services to all to our clients.

We will ensure that we work hard to meet and surpass our clients’ expectations whenever they hire our services. Health Tourism Montenegro is a client-focused and result driven company that provides excellent treatments and broad-based experience at an affordable prices.

At the company our client’s best interest would always come first, and everything we do will be guided by our values and professional ethics. The company will at all times demonstrate commitment to sustainability, both individually and as a firm, by actively participating in our communities and integrating sustainable business practices wherever possible.

We will ensure that we hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards by meeting our client’s needs completely. We work to meet the needs of each patient and their companions, if any, throughout the treatment process. With meticulous planning, we aim to simplify their treatment as much as possible.

We care about patient rights and strive to ensure that patients’ treatments go smoothly. We believe that quality and affordable healthcare should be accessible to everyone. Everyone should have a chance to have the best healthcare, wherever they are. We want our patients to have a wonderful experience when they come to Turkey for their treatment.

We promise a safe and trouble-free journey that will make you feel comfortable and happy. We manage every aspect of the patient’s experience, from the moment of first contact to the patient’s recovery.

We are working to implement the highest quality standards in our services. In each of our services, we measure different quality points. In order to provide superior service, we do not compromise our working principle system. We always carry our quality standards to help you maintain a healthy life and increase your quality of life.

Our services will be most comprehensive in its industry and will differentiate with premium one-stop-shopping.

Mission and Vision Statement

Our vision is to provide the highest quality of products and services to medical tourism industry and will become the number one choice for both individual and corporate clients. We provide specific industrial knowledge, well-trained human resources, leadership, software tools and quality practices governed by international standards.

Our solutions exemplify dedication and teamwork by consistently exceeding our customer expectations. We are leaders as we depend on the experience of highly trained professionals and our commitment to the standard of excellence. Our vision reflects our values: integrity, service, excellence and teamwork.

Our mission is to provide professional and trusted medical tourism services that will assist individuals and corporate organizations in organizing all of their medical related travels.

Our values:

  • Desire to become pioneer player in the industry.
  • Empowerment of our employees and our clients to achieve long-lasting health.
  • Respect of and appreciation for the diversity of our clients and employees.
  • Mental, emotional, spiritual and physical reinforcement is an integrated part in our medical vision of health.
  • Responsibility and reliability are cornerstones for the good will of our clients.
  • Rational organization that is our spinal cord.
  • Continuous learning and innovation are the main drivers behind continual improvement.

Our Working System;

Patients can contact our team via web site, or patient relations experts via mobile phone or mail.

Our working system


In the treatment planning process, if our patients would like to come within the operational planning process, we will be glad to plan the treatment process together with them.

For the patients who can not be included in the planning process, after all the medical information and the results of the examination have been achieved, we offer the most appropriate and most specific treatment plan prepared by the specialists in the field.

In case there are multiple options for the treatment, we contact with the patient and help him/her to choose the most appropriate method together with our expert team.


Patients have the opportunity to quickly access the medical evaluations of physicians who are the best in their fields. The patient's condition is evaluated within 24 hours and the patient is informed accordingly.

Patients can make comparisons by accessing all the information about all the centers where they can be treated. They can make comparisons with information about all the medical technologies to be used in treatment.

Patients can access all the alternative price options, thus can make comparison and choose the optimal option for their budget.

Our working system planning
Our working system planning


Depending on the wishes of the patients, plane tickets will be provided by our team. If it is not convenient for the patient to use public airplane, patient will be taken via ambulance aircraft.

If patient needs hotel accommodation before or after the treatment process, our team will make the necessary arrangements. We have contracts with hotels that are close to the hospitals all over Turkey. Our patients can choose their accommodation according to their budget and preferences from the alternatives.

After the arrival to Turkey patients will be greeted by us at the airport and taken to their hotel or hospital. Patients will be provided with a telephone line if needed during the treatment process.


The treatments are made in JCI certified, high-tech hospitals where the best doctors work. On the day of treatment, the airport or hotel transfer is made by the team.

Since our staff is composed of those who can speak the native language of the patient, our patients do not have communication problems. Our team is placed next to the patients for 7/24. Each stage of treatment is followed by the doctors of the hospitals which are contracted.

Our working system treatment process
Our working system treatment process


In the day of our patients discharge, we will make the necessary arrangements . Patients will be informed about post discharge checkups and post operation care before they leave the hospital. Transfer of the patient to the airport will be free of charge.


If desired by the patient and companions, we can organize optional extra touristic trips. Trip details and charging will be prepared for our patients' budget and requested before it is presented for approval.

Our working system treatment process
Our working system treatment process


Patients can contact anytime with the team about post treatment care, questions and opinions after they are back in their countries.

24 Hours Service

We provide 24/7 friendly, reliable, professional and superior quality service support with our experienced and expert team to ensure the comfort and needs of our patients


We produce special solutions for your all healthcare consulting needs with the best hospitals in Turkey, which have JCI accreditation and use FDA approved devices, equipped with modern facilities, advanced technology and qualified highly educated and internationally respected specialist doctors.

International Standards

By planning the treatment comprehensively for you, we provide services in accordance with International Standards so that the treatments and applications are trouble-free and give the best results.