Otolaryngology Department

Otolaryngology Health Tourism in Turkey

Otolaryngology, also referred to as the ear-nose and throat department and ENT is a comprehensive field that deals with all kinds of surgical and medicinal treatments for several diseases in the head and neck region. Turkey is a leading country in otolaryngology with advanced medical establishments capable of treating disorders related to the head and neck zone and performing surgical operations of any scope. You can apply for a medical visa in Turkey and benefit from these facilities and enjoy a relaxing vacation.

What Otolaryngology Treatments Can I Receive in Turkey?

The otorhinolaryngology unit has a treatment area that cures many diseases due to its wide area of ​​expertise. The complaints of the patient's ear, nose, and throat are examined in detail by doctors. Ear diseases, one of the treatment areas of ENT (Otolaryngology), are taken care of depending on the types of complaints. These complaints generally appear as middle ear infections, tinnitus, temporary or permanent hearing loss, facial paralysis, disturbances in the ear nerves, and aesthetic disorders. People who apply by citing the above complaints are subjected to a comprehensive screening by specialist physicians.

How Can I Get ENT Treatment in Turkey?

The treatment method is determined according to the findings obtained as a result of comprehensive screening. As these treatment methods are at the polyclinic level, surgical and aesthetic procedures that require more comprehensive intervention are also included in the scope of the ENT unit. In addition, the application of the devices or prostheses needed for the treatment of hearing impairment is also performed by this unit. 

Nose Treatment and Surgery in Turkey

Nose-centered complaints are also included in the treatment scope of the otolaryngology unit. Loss of smell, nasal congestion, rhinitis, bleeding, and deformities are among the main diseases that the field deals with. The diagnosis is determined as a result of examinations and tests performed by ENT doctors. Then on, unit specialists seek the opinions of doctors from several other fields when necessary. This is done in order to go on with the right treatment. In addition to that, the first detection of benign or malignant tumors originating from the nose can be made by the otolaryngology field and its experts. If there is such a diagnosis, the consignment to the oncology is carried out and the patient’s treatment is continued in that field.

Throat Diseases Treatment in Turkey

One of the main treatment units of otolaryngology draws attention to throat diseases. The throat and nose unit could be consulted for snoring, sleep apnea, reflux, polyps and nodules in the vocal cords, jaw and sore throat, dry throat, burning sensation, and esophageal diseases. These complaints are treated by the otolaryngology unit with correct diagnosis and methods. In addition, aesthetic deformations and deteriorations are among the surgical treatment extent of the otolaryngology unit.

Ear-Nose and Neck Surgery in Turkey

Ear Surgery and Applications

Serous otitis and ear tube applications, ear calcification, otosclerosis and stapedectomy, and teflon piston application, chronic middle ear infections and various tympanoplasty surgeries, perforated eardrums, and surgery, cochlear implants.

Nose Surgery Applications in Turkey

Bone curvature or septoplasty surgery, nose aesthetics (rhinoplasty, sinusitis surgeries, nasal polyp surgery, concha, endoscopic treatment method of tear duct obstruction.

Throat Surgery in Turkey

Tonsils and adenoids, snoring examination and various snoring and apnea removal surgeries, polyps and nodules surgeries in the vocal cord, and saliva gland operations such as submandibular salivary gland stone surgery.

Head and Neck Cancer Treatments

Lung cancers, oral, tongue, and pharyngeal cancer surgeries, saliva gland cancer treatments and thyroidectomy surgeries, and neck dissection operations.