Orthopedics and Traumatology

Orthopedics and Traumatology in Turkey

Orthopedics and traumatology is the field involved with diagnosing and treating musculoskeletal system diseases, trauma-related injuries, and hand, shoulder, elbow, and knee disorders. Furthermore, Turkey is one of the leading countries in the field of orthopedics and traumatology. The treatment you will receive in Turkey is internationally recognized and carried out by expert teams of surgeons, specialists, physiotherapists, and hospital crews we handpicked just for you. Orthopedics and traumatology services in Turkey cure and treat diseases such as bone fractures, neck hernias, leg inequalities, bone inflammations, congenital hip dislocations, meniscus injuries, joint pains, fiber breaks, sciatica, joint calcifications, trigger finger disease, dislocations in different joints, heel spur, cartilage injuries, tennis elbow, rheumatisms, nerve compressions, waist hernias, sprains and crushes in joint ligaments. Orthopedics and traumatology services in Turkey implement specialized subfields in their treatment processes such as shoulder and elbow surgery along with foot and ankle surgery, sports traumatology, bone Inflammation treatment, leg lengthening and leg inequalities, pediatric orthopedics and traumatology, orthopedic oncology, knee surgery and arthroscopic surgery, arthroplasty surgery, and surgery and microsurgery. Get your medical visa from Turkey today and receive a quote from our team of professionals. Learn how you can come to Turkey for medical treatment and an unforgettable vacation that goes perfect with it.

Pediatric Orthopedics and Traumatology Treatments in Turkey

The follow-up and treatment of congenital hip dislocation, clubfoot, cerebral palsy, myelomeningocele, congenital deformities, flat feet, tumors, developmental disorders, and fractures of children under 16 years of age are treated with our full-fledged facilities and hospitals.

Foot and Ankle Surgery in Turkey

Treatment of degenerative diseases of the foot and ankle, fractures of these organs, ligament tears, cartilage injuries, and sports injuries are made in Turkey’s hospitals.

Shoulder and Elbow Surgery in Turkey

It provides arthroscopic and open surgical operations for arthrosis of the shoulder and elbow, rotator cuff diseases, recurrent dislocations, and overuse or trauma-related diseases.

Orthopedic Oncology Treatment in Turkey

Orthopedic Oncology deals with any and all bone, tissue and soft tissue and muscular tumors, and surgical operations regarding these diseases. Orthopedic oncology is a very tricky field that requires experienced and practiced staff that works on the treatments.

Arthrosis-Calcifications Diseases Treatment in Turkey

Gonarthrosis and coxarthrosis treatment, hip-knee prosthesis, prosthetic surgery and surgical operations in surgeries, and periacetabular and high tibial reconstructive bone surgeries are the areas of interest in this field. It involves any and all therapies and surgeries for these diseases and disorders.

Orthopedics and Traumatology Diseases Treatment in Turkey

Arthroscopy and Sports Injuries (Knee-Shoulder)

Within the scope of arthroscopic knee surgeries are involved meniscectomy or meniscus repair, reconstruction operations in the arthroscopic anterior cruciate ligament, posterior cruciate ligament, internal-external lateral ligament, and combined ligament injuries, cartilage injuries, arthroscopic microfracture or osteochondral cartilage transplantation, shoulder dislocation; arthroscopic repair, subacromial impingement syndrome, shoulder joint osteoarthritis, labral tear excision-repair, cartilage surgeries, and rotator cuff repair. Hip dislocations are also traumatic experiences especially suffered by the elderly and might need immediate medical care.

Kyphosis Treatment in Turkey

Kyphosis occurs especially when the hump on the back progresses excessively outside the normal values. Kyphosis may develop due to poor posture or spinal diseases.

Extremity Surgery and Hand and Upper Extremity Surgery in Turkey

Extremity surgery is specialized in arm and leg bone lengthening operations along with bone deformities, fracture drives, bone management, and external fixator applications.

Orthopedic trauma is a broad term that describes any injury that affects bones, joints, muscles, tendons, and ligaments resulting from trauma that could be experienced in any part of the body. The term is a general one and may refer to minor fractures or severely broken bones that directly threaten the patient's well-being. It is considered to be a subspecialty of orthopedic surgery and focuses on treating broken bones and restoring the injured part of the body to its original strength and maximum function that it had before the injury. The clinical activities of the Upper Extremity Surgery Service include acute soft tissue traumas, amputations, hand, and wrist, which are related to the upper extremity. evaluation, coordination, diagnosis, and treatment of fractures in the forearm, elbow, and arm. The late reconstruction of hand surgery and wrist-elbow arthroscopy, small joint prosthesis applications, tendon transfers, and microsurgical tissue transfers are performed in this department for the resolution of congenital neuromuscular diseases and tumors following trauma and calcification.

Neck Hernia Treatment in Turkey

A neck hernia occurs when the disc that provides the movement between the neck vertebrae deteriorates and the cartilage substance in it overflows and presses on the spinal cord or nerves. The treatment of neck hernia disease is carried out with delicacy in Turkish medical facilities.

Scoliosis Treatment in Turkey

Scoliosis is the curvature or rotation of the spine to a side. Scoliosis can come to light because of several diseases. Scoliosis usually manifests itself in adolescence. It can also develop due to congenital anomalies of the spine or muscle along with nerve diseases.

Spinal Surgery in Turkey

Diseases such as scoliosis, kyphosis (humpback) Schuermann kyphosis, spinal aging problems, spondylolisthesis, ankylosing spondylitis, osteoporosis (bone loss), fractures, dislocations, spinal stenosis, spinal injuries, and spinal infections are some of the areas that Spinal Surgery deals with. The diseases may or may not be congenital. Some of them may occur via traumatic accidents. In any case, Turkish hospitals are more than capable of treating these disorders.

Knee Pain Treatment in Turkey

Knee pain is one of the most common types of pain. These can develop due to sports injuries, aging, cartilage wear, rheumatic diseases, or infections.