Emergency Department

Emergency Department in Turkey

The process that develops suddenly and threatens the life or integrity of the person is defined as an emergency health condition. Patients in such situations are treated in the first and emergency services for acute diseases or injuries. Emergency departments provide their services every day of the week and for 24 hours uncut. The department serves all emergency cases with a multidisciplinary service approach, with a dynamic staff consisting of doctors specialized in the field, nurses, and specialist health personnel experienced in first aid in the emergency department. Along with this personnel, the ambulance team, with its fully equipped vehicles, is ready in front of the Emergency Service to meet all kinds of patient transfer requests from inside and outside the hospital.

How Does the Emergency Department Operate?

All patients who receive service from the emergency department during the daytime are evaluated with support from all available branches, and during night hours, they are supported by internal medicine, general surgery, anesthesia, cardiology, cardiovascular surgery, gynecology, pediatrics and radiology specialists who are on duty in their own units within the hospital. The doctors on duty respond to the consultation as soon as possible if the emergency department needs it. There are surgical and internal resuscitation, examination, and emergency response rooms in the Emergency Service Units equipped with modern medical devices. Initial treatment and observation of patients are carried out in a modern setting with large and fully monitored observation rooms with bedside monitors.

There is a special elevator system that connects the emergency operating rooms, which are quickly and easily accessible to the first and emergency service departments, and the general intensive care, pediatric intensive care, coronary intensive care, radiology, and endoscopy units and works only between these floors. This system ensures the integrity and coordinated operation of these units with the emergency service.

Which Diseases Are Treated in the Emergency Department?

Emergency cases arising from paralysis, head trauma, work accidents, serious injuries, appendicitis, severe pain with known and/or unknown origin, eye injuries,  acute traffic accidents, heart attack and cardiac arrest, brain hemorrhages, burn of all degrees, patients who had to endure fire and excessive smoke inhalation, acute massive hemorrhages, patients who require an immediate transfer, vomiting, diarrhea, incision and fracture, pneumonia, poisoning, electric shock and exposure to electricity, suffocation, diabetic and uremic coma, loss of consciousness, and renal colic are treated in the emergency department.