Dental Treatment

Dental Tourism in Turkey

Health tourism is a new form of receiving treatment and having the pleasure and comfort of a vacation at the same time. Turkey is undoubtedly the leading destination in terms of dental care and dental tourism.

Dental tourism in Turkey encompasses all aspects of your visit and treatment alike. It is possible to sign up for a full package covering your voyage to and from Turkey, your dental treatment, your trip to tourism venues, translation services and accommodation.

Health tourism in Turkey is drawing a lot of attention throughout the globe and Turkey’s government bodies are aware of it. The Turkish Ministry of Health is practicing a firm and solid policy on the medical facilities to ensure the high quality of services and to meet the international medical standards.

Turkey is a unique country with a plethora of touristic venues and historical landmarks. Turkey is also able to provide a top of the class dental treatment with skilled and highly experienced dentists. It is certainly the best destination for dental tourism.

The amount of time you may need to take for your dental treatment depends on the type of therapy you will receive. Dental treatment varies from protracted operations such as implants to easier ones such as teeth whitening and tooth extraction. It is essential to consult our team of assistants to determine the duration of your trip to Turkey.

There are exactly no limits at all for dental treatments. You can receive every type of treatment you wish to have. Plus, these procedures are carried out by practiced professionals who have years of experience in the dental care industry.

Cost Comparison for Turkey

It costs significantly less compared to European Countries such as the UK, France and Germany. The costs, of course, differ depending on the practice. Overall, a dental application is four times more expensive in the UK and USA compared to Turkey.

Most Common Dental Treatments in Turkey

The most common dental treatment procedures include dental crowns, all-on-4 implants, dental bridges, dental veneers, smile makeover, dental implants, root canal treatment, cosmetic dentures, gum contouring, sinus lifting, tooth extraction, inlays and onlays, teeth whitening, dental filling, scaling and polishing.

The main reason why dental implants are so much cheaper in Turkey is operational costs. Local suppliers are able to provide the needed equipment for the dental procedures. Taxation is cheaper along with cheaper dentist wages.

Full Mouth Dental Implants in Turkey

You can receive a comprehensive full mouth dental implant treatment as well in Turkey. This procedure is for people who suffer from dental hard tissue loss and weakened dental roots. We provide this treatment with care and utmost precision since it is an extended process compared to other types of treatments.

Also, as long as you take good care and follow the remarks of your professional dentist, you can use your implants for life. They do not have to be replaced unless they are damaged beyond use.

Are Full Dental Implants a Good Idea?

Depending on your overall dental health situation, full dental implants can be a life changing procedure. You may be unable to use your natural teeth due to reasons such as genetics, damaging incidents, poor dental care, old age. If you long for a big smile or eating an ice cream without a second thought, full dental implants might just be the best idea you can have.