Brain and Nerve Surgery

Brain and Nerve Surgery in Turkey (Neurosurgery) 

Brain and nerve surgery in Turkey is a service you can receive by applying for Medical Visa from Turkish authorities. Turkey has developed facilities and service providers from which patients receive treatments such as (including but not limited to) radiosurgery for brain cancer, meningioma removal, DBS, MRI, and doppler ultrasonography.

Brain Surgery and Neurosurgery in Turkey

Turkey is a developed country in the field of neurosurgery and the hospitals are equipped with the highest technology available along with the top-of-the-class brain and nerve surgeons.

The Success Rate of Neurosurgery in Turkey

The estimates suggest that about 91% of neurosurgery and brain surgery operations in Turkey are successful.

Frequently asked questions about brain surgery in Turkey:

Can I fly after brain surgery?

It is suggested that a patient should avoid air travel for at least 7 days due to pressure changes in the cabin of airliners. 

Is life normal after brain surgery?

The brain is the most sensitive part of the body. It might take some time to recover fully and feel normal again. The most common symptoms after brain surgery are loss of concentration and constant headaches. The patient might feel dizzy and even feel constant fatigue. Don’t worry though, you will be in the supervision of highly trained and experienced professionals.

Is brain surgery high-risk?

As with any surgical procedure, brain surgery has its risks. Brain surgeons, however, do their absolute best to reduce those risks as the human brain is a delicate and exquisite organ.

How long can brain surgery last?

The longitude of your brain surgery operation can amend between 2 to 10 hours or even more than that. The intricacy of the surgery dictates how long the operation shall last.

Do you lose your memory after brain surgery?

In some cases, neurosurgeons might have to remove some sections of the brain which are in charge of your memory capacity. In this case, it is normal to lose memory. It should also be kept in mind that the patient might also experience some temporal memory losses after the operation.

How long does it take for nerves to heal after brain surgery?

In order to fully recover after brain surgery, neurosurgeons state that a healing process of 4 to 8 weeks might be needed. Again, it depends on the complexity of the brain surgery.

What Are You at Risk for after neurosurgery?

The most common risks after neurosurgery are loss of memory, problems with muscle coordination, and possibly weakness, after bleeding, conversational challenges after the operation, and complexities related to these symptoms. Please keep in mind that every surgical procedure has its downsides post-operation. It is vital to keep track of your healing process with the highly trained and experienced neurosurgery crew.